Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen is in the books, and I am just one short drive away from completing my trek across the country... but that drive will have to wait until Day Twenty-One! Tonight and tomorrow, I'm a-partying St. Louis style! Today, I left Charleston, WV (and not a moment too soon!), made my away across Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, and around four o'clock, nine hours after departing WV, made my triumphant return to my childhood home. I'm hanging out with the family tonight, going to hang out with my peeps tomorrow, and on Friday, I will drive the last 300 miles of what will be a 7800+ mile trip. I might have a few photos to share from today, I have to go through the few that I took and see if there is anything worth sharing. Otherwise, you may not hear from me until Friday. We'll see...

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