Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Eight Photos

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Today was a good day for panoramic shots. Exhibit A...

Exhibit B...

and Exhibit C. These three were taken early in the day, in the area between Billings, MT and Thermopolis, WY.

I trailed these guys into Thermopolis a ways, so they get to make the blog!

From the Wyoming Dinosaur Center! This is a Dimetrodon.

A pterosaur.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, in all his glory.

This gives you a good human scale comparison with the T-Rex.

The Supersaurus that utterly dominated the entire room. His rear half is out of frame. WAY out of frame! The T-Rex is in the far lower left corner with a Triceratops.

One more panoramic!

This photo will fool you. That's not Route 20 in the background, just a gravel farm road. But it sure does make a nice illusion.

Another great rock formation, this being south of Thermopolis.

The next few photos are from Wind River Canyon, also just south of Thermopolis. No better word to describe it than: stunning.

More from Wind River Canyon.

More from Wind River Canyon.

Even MORE from Wind River Canyon! You can tell I was impressed by this area.

Looking up in the canyon.

And finally, my favorite from Wind River Canyon.

I still have a long road ahead of me...

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