Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Eighteen

Now that was more like it! Today was a scheduled 8.5 hour drive that took almost exactly 8.5 hours. Love it when things go to plan! Today, I started in Elkton, Maryland, and I wound my way down through Baltimore and around Washington D.C. Surprisingly, traffic was light in both cities, with only a small amount of congestion that slowed things down. I'm sure I would have experienced more had I gone through the hearts of said towns, but I knew that would be bad idea jeans. After D.C., I got into Virginia and West Virginia. Such beautiful states! It was like being back in the northwest part of the country- winding roads, beautiful mountains, and gorgeous views. These mountains were not snowcaps, however, they were completely tree covered. Hell, almost everything I saw today was completely tree covered! 99% trees with an occasional house or town breaking through the foliage. There were also a number of expansive valleys along my route, so expansive that I used a couple of four letter words to express my astonishment. Absolutely gorgeous. I ended my drive in Charleston, WV, where I am resting tonight. Tomorrow, I make the final push into St. Louis, where I am spending two nights and relaxing with friends and family. Just three more days and this whole adventure will be over... I wonder which "R" I will feel more... relief or regret? See you tomorrow!

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