Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day Nine Photos

This was the first picture I took today, just east of Casper, WY.

...and this one followed not too far after.

Route 20 followed some railroad tracks for a good part of the day. Saw a bunch of trains. So invariably, at least one was going to make the blog.

This and the next two photos were taken near Fort Robinson State Park and the Nebraska National Forest in northwestern Nebraska. They were taken from a scenic viewing area off the highway.

Only a tiny fraction of Route 20's length!

This and the next two photos are rock formations in said Fort Robinson State Park, but these were taken from the moving car.

I just like how the road jumps up and down, in and out of view.

I had no idea that broken bacon was such a big problem!

I found him! He has a realty office in O'Neill, Nebraska!

He was none too happy to have his picture taken!

This is what most of Nebraska looks like.

But as boring as Nebraska was, this particular photo just might go into my "Best" collection.

Once again, the road before me is still long...