Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Eleven Photos

Driving through mainly urban areas today, either there wasn't anything nice to photograph, or there was but I couldn't get the camera out because I was holding maps, or gripping the steering wheel trying not to crash my car while everyone around me was either speeding past me or cutting me off! So just a few photos today, and most of them are from the campus of Notre Dame.

The only quality photo I took before getting into Chicago.

Did you know Sears' naming rights expired a few years ago, and a new company purchased them? This summer, the Sears Tower will be no more. It will be called Willis Tower. ...I know, I think it's dumb too!

You will only find this picture funny if you are up on your internet humor.

Yay! Touchdown Jesus!

Maybe I just never paid attention, but I did not know there was a reflecting pool below Touchdown Jesus. Makes for a great photo!

The Golden Dome. This is the view coming up Notre Dame Avenue into campus. Not a bad way to introduce new people to the school!

Another view of the Dome.

And one more for luck!

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