Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Ten Stats

As of Day Ten...

4639.6 miles of driving, at 36.5 miles per gallon, at an average speed of 52 mph.

BONUS STAT: Witness the awesomeness of my rental car: it officially made the drive from Casper, WY to South Sioux City, NE, 576 miles, using only 14.675 gallons of gas, less than one full tank. That equates to over 39 mpg!

1 comment:

  1. hey bud! you need to talk to the folks at GM/Chevrolet after your trip--- they may put you on a commercial! that's tremendous gas mileage for an american-made car!
    your pictures continue to be amazing-- the colors are gorgeous. gotta love the commentary too (e.g. waldo!)
    when you were in rockford, did you hear about a train derailment a couple days ago-- they had to evacuate homes, etc. good thing you were still on the road; it might have messed up your schedule.
    i have one request for your visit at ND-- please take a picture of touchdown Jesus!
    love you, mom