Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Six Photos

The view of Boise, ID from the Peregrine Fund World Center for Birds of Prey

An ornate hawk-eagle.

An aplomado falcon.

A peregrine falcon.

...make that a well-behaved peregrine falcon.

A bateleur eagle.

Another peregrine falcon.

This was taken from east of Mountain Home, ID

Same mountains from a different angle, but now there's a stream, too!

I like these photos where the road disappears not too far off in the distance. Kinda gives it an air of mystery...

...and then you have the opposite, which gives it an air of destiny from seeing the path you know you must take.

Even cows get their own road signs in Idaho!

This was taken right before the weather started to turn sour. I have seen some great rock formations along my journey.

I do so love the mountains! This was taken after I got out of the rain, but with the clouds still casting their shadows over me.

This is me getting a little "creative" with the camera. This was taken as I was nearing West Yellowstone.

The scattered storms sure did provide opportunities for some striking photographs.

I found the end of the rainbow! It's over there by that guy's house!

This was a good way to end the day.


  1. Awesome pictures Kevin! I wish you had one of the sneaker-wearing dog. That'd be great. Love you!

  2. I'm with you Jules! I love these...esp the rainbow! But I have to confess I was searching for the dog in shoes!