Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day Fifteen

It is official: I have driven US Route 20 across the country! This afternoon I drove triumphantly into Boston, and just north of Fenway Park, I completed the last mile of the longest road in America. It wasn't the most beautiful of days- the city skyline was shrouded in fog (as you will see in the photos I post). But that could not dim the excitement... and the relief! Months and months of planning coupled with a few years of dreaming has finally borne its fruit. It actually hasn't set in yet that the task is done, probably because I know I still have some driving yet to do. So no bittersweet feelings yet, just sweet ones!

As for what actually happened during the day, I started out the day near Albany, NY, and I made my way into Massachuestts. I took a short detour off of Route 20 to cross the border into Vermont (another state I can check off my list), then headed towards Springfield, MA where I visited the Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden. Afterwards, I made the last drive into Boston, where I snapped some photos, and then shot up to the Harvard bookstore where I bought me a souvenir (the Harvard campus being just a stone's throw away from the end of Route 20. It was either that or some Red Sox stuff, and I wasn't about to do something silly like that!). I fought some of Boston's famous traffic on the highway down to the hotel. I mean, seriously. 4:30pm on a non-gameday Saturday afternoon. How the hell is there a traffic jam at that point of the week?? Oy. But through the traffic, the fog, and the drizzle, I made it to the hotel, where I rest for the night. Route 20 is done, but the adventure still continues... See you tomorrow!

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