Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Five Photos

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Is this photo cool? Somebody tell me if it is. It turned out this way because there wasn't enough light getting through the trees, and the shutter stayed open too long. But I kinda like it. Does anyone else??

Western Oregon is bee-you-tee-full.

More of the coniferous region.

And this wasn't even the longest stretch of straight road I drove on today!

These mountains are west of Bend, OR. I took this shot from the highway.

And I took this shot of the same mountains from Pilot Butte State Park in Bend, OR. The park is at the top of a large cinder cone, or extinct volcano. It affords quite the view, does it not?

Panoramic shots are great!

One more with a bit more of town in the shot.

Yeah, this part of Route 20 went straight forEVER. I could have set the cruise control, put The Club on the steering wheel, and taken a 30 minute nap!

Caution: Road ends in Mountain.

While western Oregon is covered with evergreens, eastern Oregon is just desolate. Very Wyoming-like. There are still a few trees thrown in for good measure.

Notice the road curves to the left of the photo, then swings over to the right. I love this shot.

Better follow that sign, or you'd be in trouble.

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    The photos look great! Jessica and I have been reading your posts daily. Best of luck with the weather. We are moving to our new house tomorrow, so we are praying for sunshine too. Take care,

    Matt (the neighbor)