Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen was a planned rest day, where I actually get to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row. Funny thing happened on this rest day... there was very little resting! Much fun was had today! I started out with an early morning session of candlepin bowling at a 24 hour bowling alley. At 8am, I was the ONLY person bowling in the entire alley! That was an experience. After that, I took a side trip up through New Hampshire and into Maine, two more states I get to check off my list of states I've been to. I turned around in Kittery, Maine, where I found out that Kittery is the oldest town in the state. Pretty historic. I returned to the hotel, where I stayed for about... 10 minutes, after which I met my Aunt Laura, who lives about 30 minutes south of Boston, at a soccer pub to watch the US Soccer Team take on Brazil. A disappointing 3-2 loss, but we drank some great beer! After leaving there, we went for my second round of candlepin bowling (I mean, how many times do I get up here to the northeast, the only place they have the game?). It was Laura's very first time candlepin bowling, and she did pretty well! I got back to the hotel around 7pm, which meant I was going non-stop for about 11 hours. Some rest day!! I've got a few photos to share from my drive today, and then it is time to start packing up for tomorrow, when I start my journey back home. See you then!

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