Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Three

I've finally made it to the Pacific Coast and, my ultimate destination on this first leg of the trip, Newport, Oregon! I left right on schedule at 7am Mountain Time, and didn't get to the hotel until 8:40pm Pacific Time. Most of those 14.5+ hours was spent driving, but not all. I spent about an hour at Golden Valley Brewing pub and restaurant in McMinnville, OR sampling their excellent beer (try the Bald Peak IPA if you are in the neighborhood) and dining on their finest filet mignon. Also in McMinnville is the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. I wasn't too interested in it, aside from one object. An incredibly large object. Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose, the flying boat herself, is housed at the museum, and I just had to see it. Finally, I spent some time at Cape Foulweather, just north of Newport, where I took in the Pacific Ocean and got some great photos.

June 16th is a rest day, so no driving for me! Just some touristy stuff here in Newport. Since it's been such a long day, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post some pictures, and also write in the descriptions for yesterday's. But here's a little something to tide you over...

From Cape Foulweather, where the weather was not so foul:

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