Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Two Photos

Start of the morning in Fort Collins.

Rock formations in northern Colorado.

...and now in Wyoming.

The Great Continental Divide

More of the Great Divide.

Great topography in Wyoming. Such a beautiful state.

The I-80/I-84 area in the northeastern part of Utah is absolutely stunning. I would do this drive again in a heartbeat.

More from I-84.

Snowcaps northeast of Salt Lake City.

The Great Salt Lake.

This buffalo was using this rock as a scratching post. I was no more than 50 feet from him. He is a large beast!

Getting close to the end of the day...

...and this is where I ended the day. Twin Falls, ID.

This is the bridge you must cross to get to Twin Falls from the interstate.

An absolutely stunning view to end the day.

This was taken from a walkway on the aforementioned bridge.

Just gorgeous. No better way to describe it.

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